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hey im new [May. 28th, 2005|12:38 pm]
[mood |enviousenvious]

just postin my little quiz thing..

1)How long have you been fat? for about 3 years since I moved out of my hometown
2)What has worked for you in the past to lose weight? I tried the weightwatchers program when i gained it all that one year, and I lost 20lbs on it but then I plateaud (sp?) and gained it all back..
3)What's your biggest problem with dieting/exercise/diet pills? (in other words, why isn't that working for you right now?) I can't commit to eating healthy, and then I get too lazy when everyone around me is eating something I want
4)Why do you think you are fat? Because I really am
5)What is your goal weight? 145-150.. im 180 now..
6)Why are you failing at weight loss? I can't quit drinking sugar + caffeine