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Newbie [Oct. 5th, 2004|11:08 pm]


1)How long have you been fat?
- all my life

2)What has worked for you in the past to lose weight?
- fat camp, fad diets, the master cleanse

3)What's your biggest problem with dieting/exercise/diet pills? (in other words, why isn't that working for you right now?)
- well the master cleanse is working, i've just started yoga and pilates, and i'm going to start xenedrine on the 20th (i found this community doing a search for xenedrine)

4)Why do you think you are fat?
- cuz i'm a lazy pig

5)What is your goal weight?
- 125

6)Why are you failing at weight loss?
- i'm not

Um, I'm joining this community for weight loss support, but the questions seem like this is a place only for people who are failing, I hope it's not!!