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Hello, I'm here too now [Apr. 26th, 2004|10:38 pm]


1)How long have you been fat?
Oh, forever. Since I was about 16, and that's about 25 years.

2)What has worked for you in the past to lose weight?
Walking up hills.

3)What's your biggest problem with dieting/exercise/diet pills? (in other words, why isn't that working for you right now?)
(1) Calorie-cutting diets don't work, and (2) lack of willpower (or wont-power)

4)Why do you think you are fat?
A large part of the reason why I'm fat is because of the many calorie-cutting diets I tried - I never lost a lot on any of them, and the fat comes right back and brings its buddies along too. Plus, I eat too much chocolate and sugary stuff.

5)What is your goal weight?
I want to be able to walk into a normal women's clothing shop and buy something that fits and looks good. No specific goal weight - I don't believe in standing on scales.

6)Why are you failing at weight loss?
See question 3 - lack of willpower and won't-power.

Now, is anyone reading this?